The Democracy Journey

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So how does one get from fun travel to politics…ROJ started from a belief that travel could be done in a way that better provides meaningful travel. It was not a project of invention but one of applying a common lens to different concepts of travel. This new project is based on a belief that democracy and its system of government can also be done better. Focusing on government design is not as entertaining as different travel concepts but perhaps it is more interesting in that it throws off the dogmatic shackles of how government is done today and is free to invent. Everything is on the table and thinking about how much further we can yet go on the road to democracy is super exciting for those that like thinking about the big ideas of our world.

Project Introduction

In the search for a better government we found this road called democracy and chose it. The problem is not the road but the fact that we haven’t ventured very far down it. The world has changed significantly enough in the last few centuries that it makes sense to take a step back and see how this thing called democracy has or hasn’t evolved. Yes, a lot of attention has been paid to electoral and parliamentary reform but the rest of it, has been sadly neglected. The logical conclusion after a thorough examination is that we can do so much better. READ MORE


Living Book or Pyrammid Blog?

Even though I believe that I have come up with some important ideas and new approaches, I am not arrogant enough to assume that they will all stand-up to scrutiny over time. Rather than trying to write one permanent version, it would make more sense to write something that can evolve. Books have obvious drawbacks in this regard. Blogging does offer a means for having feedback but doesn’t fit the depth of this project. Ideally then, one needs a blog that is pieced together and connected like a book, a living book or a pyramid blog? This will require first being comfortable with the structure so that aspect of it doesn’t need to change. This requires researching and thinking at least partially through most of the content. The plan would also involve using a predefined tagging system so that one can move through the project in various ways. Since it will be a blog, ideas will need to be organized into interesting bite sized chunks.


Motivation for Project

…because it is fun? Actually yes, I enjoy researching and thinking about a topic like this. Maybe that makes me weird, but if it is what I enjoy, it is in my self-interest and is rational to pursue it. Having adopted a minimalist lifestyle, I only need a little consulting work to pay for the pleasures in life and therefore have a lot of time to dedicate to this project. I could be wrong, but I don’t think a living book on improving government (that doesn’t get sold) is the best way to make money, so that would be a poor motivation. Like any human, I do have time limits as well as biases, so involvement by others is encouraged; though you would have to suffer from a similar motivation as I. ☺


Opportunity to Participate

In addition to providing comments, there should be opportunities for people to contribute by reproducing content in other media (videos for example) or researching specific topics.

If you think that you may like to be involved at some point, please feel free to contact me through the contact tab.