Cast & Crew

Kelvin Eisses – Traveller, Cameraman, Director, Producer

Kelvin has won no awards and cannot be considered an international filmmaker because that would require a history of making films. Not content to enter the industry making shorts for film festivals, he jumped into the Rather Odd Journey, a ten part series. Even though he has completed a documentary filmmaking program at Langara College, his real training is in accounting (CGA) and economics (MA). While doing his masters in economics he concluded that writing papers for other academics to read was not the best way to convey the alternatives - video is a much more powerful, accessible medium.  Taking inspiration from Aristotle’s theory of happiness (and wealth), Griffin’s prudential values theory and Henry David Thoreau’s search for a more minimalist life, he is attempting to demonstrate that redefining wealth is the first step in redistributing it.  Kelvin has travelled Europe and the Americas extensively.

Aaron Eisses – Traveller, Cameraman

Aaron and Kelvin are cousins.  Due to an age difference, Aaron was always part of the younger group of cousins in the battles of the Eisses. But after several years of not seeing each other, Kelvin visited Aaron one weekend in Ottawa and the battle resumed to a different result. They since have become good enough friends to share several months on the road together. Despite Aaron occasionally claiming that this or that shot will win him an Oscar, his cinematography has not yet won him any awards.  He has travelled extensively and makes for a great companion on the road.

During post-production Aaron put his techie skills to use and built the flash episode map on the episodes page of this website. To find out what he is up to lately you can check out his website:

Andres Felipe Borja Marquez - Music, Sound

His passion is music and video. Since he was 14 years old he has dedicated his life to produce music. This work has led him to travel throughout Colombia. Currently he is studying script writing and is making music across genres while working on various projects and with different artist.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Programar en Android

Jeff Roach - Animator

Jeff was born into this world as a shockingly handsome baby boy in New Brunswick’s beautiful upper St. John River Valley’s Grand-Falls. He tackled his post secondary education at NBCC Miramichi’s animation program. He has been animating in Halifax’s animation industry for over 5 years now and has had the opportunity to work on such programs as Chaotic, Being Ian, Spaceballs (cartoon) Octonauts, Bev and Garth and many more.  After working on a contract with Aaron, Roach was introduced to Kelvin and a rather odd journey.  It’s been a joy and pleasure working on this production.  You can view Roach’s little doodles at


Adriana Narwis – Editor

As a child, Adriana knew what she wanted to do - handle cameras and tell stories. Since studying TV production, she has worked in the production of television news and social research documentaries.
She has also worked in marginal neighborhoods in MedellĂ­n - teaching audiovisual techniques to the community so that they can relate their own life stories.  Editing rather odd journey has allowed her to connect work with her number one passion in life: travel.  She also enjoys learning new languages, spending time in the mountains of her native Colombia and drinking red wine.


Alejandro Restrepo Marquez - Senior Editor, Effects


Review Committee - Advisors

Special thanks goes out to the review committee whose feedback has made each episode easier to follow and a better viewing experience. This committee includes:

  • Andrea Eisses
  • Cora-Lee Eisses-Smith (she also helped out with script editing)
  • Steven Eisses
  • Christine Katerynych
  • Rachel Levee (she also helped out with promotional material)
  • Ian Millar
  • Melissa Paduada